Theoretical Knowledge is the information that is only up to paper. Theory can only be modified on paper and not beyond that.

In chemistry, theoretical Knowledge is limited because chemistry is a subject understood in the labs.

The theory about the mechanism of the reactions and the steps involved in the reactions is specified.

Reactions are also given in written form so the students can get an idea of the products formed after the reaction of certain reactants.

Theories about different atoms, such as how they came across in nature, and their structures, are also present.

Practical application is widespread in the field of chemistry. There are many 3D molecular models in chemistry.

Ball and stick molecular models in chemistry give students an exact image of the atom’s structure.

By ball and stick models, students can also attach other atoms by covalent bonds and then know the product’s structure.

By mixing various chemicals in labs, students perform the reactions and confirm the test of many substances. This way, the products made by the reaction of the reactants also get confirmed.


Overall, we can say that practical application is very important in chemistry because students get more information about the subject, and they also enjoy the subject.

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