There are some learning topics in which there is a requirement for diagrams. These diagrams help in a better understanding of the theory.

But sometimes, making diagrams of certain topics to understand them is difficult because they are so complex that they cannot be expressed on paper.

Therefore, Educational Models come into action. There are various models like Ball and Stick Molecular models, atomic models, stereochemistry models, 3D models, and many more types of models.

These models help students understand the topics easily and work on them efficiently.

Advantage Of Educational Models

There are many advantages of molecular models, and some of them are as follows:

Practical Knowledge

Students get an idea of how the geometry of a particular element is when the 3D molecular model is present right in front of their eyes.

Similarly, in the Ball and Stick Molecular Model, students can visualize the structure of various simple and complex molecules within minutes.

This way, Edunovate Educational Models are not only the 3D representation of substances but also help students understand the topics easily.

1.These ball and stick models help to make geometrical shapes like linear, bent, trigonal planar, tetrahedral, trigonal bipyramidal and octahedral to study VSEPR theory.

2.Teachers can show various alkanes, alkenes, alkynes and benzene structures to teach hydrocarbons.

3.It is very useful in studying molecules, complex structures and polymers.

Trial And Error

Students try many things that can apply to the educational models and try to find a solution.

This way, students try new things with the help of Edunovate Educational Models from their end, and they learn new things if their work is correct.

And if there is an error, the student will try again until they succeed. 


Above were the roles of educational models in learning chemistry. These models are easily available, and Edunovate is one of the best suppliers of chemistry models.

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