This product has a rectangular shape and a periodic table printed on it. Every element in organic and inorganic chemistry with atomic number and atomic weight is present in the periodic table.


With the help of this product, students can understand different elements in the periodic table very well, and it will also be a very good and interesting way of learning chemistry for the students.

Ball and stick moelcular models


This product is made up of acrylic, which means that these products have non-toxic inks to display the elements on a transparent beard. So people who are using this product are not at any harm.

Easy To Use

It’s size is just like a notebook. So, It is very easy to take on travel or keep in any bag easily, and it barely takes up any space in the luggage. So students can also gain knowledge about periodic tables on the go.

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Perfect Gift For Everyone

It will make a good gift for many students, teachers, professors or researchers pursuing their careers in chemistry as this product is a virtual representation of the periodic table. This product will give knowledge about the inorganic and organic elements of the periodic table. Students can also understand the lanthanides and the actinides section elements outside the periodic table.


This product can be kept anywhere on the table as a showpiece to watch and study with better understanding. Or this product can also be hung on the wall.

Periodic table one shot
Package includes:
  • 1 Clear Acrylic block with Colorful elements digitally printed on it in HD Quality
  • 1 Acrylic black color stand
  • 2 Screws to hang on a wall
  • 1 Clip
  • 1 Write n Wipe Pen

These clear acrylic periodic tables of the element blocks are for showcases, countertops, at home, or anywhere your imagination puts them and gives any product you set on top of it an elegant look.

They allow for greater visibility and can accommodate limited spaces. 

Edunovate acrylic periodic table of the elements block is simple and luxurious in design.


  • Best used for school labs, classes, or teachers’ rooms.
  • It can be used as a display, showpiece, or gift for loved ones.
  • Useful for science-loving students, teachers, and researchers.
  • You can easily place it on a stand or hang it on a wall (black acrylic stand and screws inside the pack).
  • Can Easily be carried in bags or hands just like a book
  • It can be used as a writing board (free clip inside the pack).
  • Write with sketch pens to mark important and wipe easily (free write and wipe pen inside the pack).

PRICES: ₹1599

Periodic table one shot

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