Science Practice: Developing and Using Models

Science Practice: Developing and Using Models

Molecular Model Kits are becoming popular in this new era. Now everyone can buy it easily at a very nominal investment. It is a must-learning kit for every teacher, professor, and student.

Chemistry is a vast subject and needs practical visualization to understand concepts in depth. Organic Molecular Models are used in a variety of concepts in chemistry.

1. VSEPR Theory – Models help to make all geometrical shapes of VSEPR concepts like a linear, bent, trigonal, tetrahedral, trigonal pyramid, trigonal bipyramid, seesaw shape, Octahedral, square pyramid, square planar, etc.

Ball and stick model chemistry

2. Chemical Bonding – Understanding different bonds and molecular structures

Ball and stick model chemistry

3. Organic Chemistry – study of Alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and complex carbon family structures can be made with the help of Organic Inorganic Chemistry Molecular Models

Ball and stick model

4. Coordination Compound – different shapes like tetrahedral, octahedral, and ligands

Molecular model kit

5. Stereo Chemistry – Study Conformers, isomers

Organic Molecular model

6. By using models we can study titrations and strength of acids

These ball and stick models fascinate everyone as they are colorful and very exciting to make new structures. The colors are taken according to chemistry standard color coding. So, it is easy for students to learn about different elements and their properties.

Chemistry Lab kits are easily available in our Indian market. Our school teachers, college professors, and students are using it to make learning more valuable.


Models are not only for VSEPR theory, they can be used in whole Chemistry. 

Grab your kit today, it is a wonderful learning tool for all science lovers.

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Surprising Facts About Periodic Table Of Elements

Surprising Facts About Periodic Table Of Elements

The Periodic Table is a way of listing the elements. Elements are listed in the table by the structure of their atoms. This includes how many protons they have as well as how many electrons they have in their outer shell. From left to right and top to bottom, the elements are listed in the order of their atomic number, which is the number of protons in each atom.

The periodic table is a tabular representation of elements that are told to monotonously memorize as school children. But the truth is that this little table is an indispensable roadmap for scientists the world over. 

Let’s Unveil The Surprising Facts Of The Periodic Table

Dmitri Mendeleev is the inventor of the periodic table of elements based on increasing atomic weight while the modern periodic table is designed according to increasing atomic number

Dmitri Mendeleev was very fond of card games. That’s why he wrote the weight of each element on a separate index card and sorted them as they would be organized in solitaire.

There are 118 confirmed elements in the periodic table. Among those, 90 elements can be found in nature, others are strictly man-made.

Technetium was the first man-made element

You can find all the letters in the periodic table except the letter J. Read the periodic table now to check. 

Although there is helium on Earth, it was first discovered by observing the sun.

The International Union of Pure Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is responsible for maintaining and updating the periodic table

The only two elements that are liquid at room temperature are mercury and bromine.

Carbon is the fourth most-abundant element in the entire universe.

Francium is the rarest element on earth.

Four of the elements in the table were only recently named. These are nihonium (Nh), moscovium (Mc), tennessine (Ts), and oganesson (Og). 

Lanthanides and Actinides cannot be placed inside the periodic table. That is why they are present outside the periodic table in two periods. 

Unique Names of elements:


The periodic table and law are now a central and indispensable part of modern chemistry.

The periodic table continues to evolve with the progress of science. It is a great learning aid for students as well as teachers.

You can buy a Periodic Table Display Block with a single click from Edunovate.

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Theoretical Knowledge Vs. Practical Application In Chemistry

Theoretical Knowledge Vs. Practical Application In Chemistry

Theoretical Knowledge is the information that is only up to paper. Theory can only be modified on paper and not beyond that.

In chemistry, theoretical Knowledge is limited because chemistry is a subject understood in the labs.

The theory about the mechanism of the reactions and the steps involved in the reactions is specified.

Reactions are also given in written form so the students can get an idea of the products formed after the reaction of certain reactants.

Theories about different atoms, such as how they came across in nature, and their structures, are also present.

Practical application is widespread in the field of chemistry. There are many 3D molecular models in chemistry.

Ball and stick molecular models in chemistry give students an exact image of the atom’s structure.

By ball and stick models, students can also attach other atoms by covalent bonds and then know the product’s structure.

By mixing various chemicals in labs, students perform the reactions and confirm the test of many substances. This way, the products made by the reaction of the reactants also get confirmed.


Overall, we can say that practical application is very important in chemistry because students get more information about the subject, and they also enjoy the subject.

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Role Of Educational Models In Learning

Role Of Educational Models In Learning

There are some learning topics in which there is a requirement for diagrams. These diagrams help in a better understanding of the theory.

But sometimes, making diagrams of certain topics to understand them is difficult because they are so complex that they cannot be expressed on paper.

Therefore, Educational Models come into action. There are various models like Ball and Stick Molecular models, atomic models, stereochemistry models, 3D models, and many more types of models.

These models help students understand the topics easily and work on them efficiently.

Advantage Of Educational Models

There are many advantages of molecular models, and some of them are as follows:

Practical Knowledge

Students get an idea of how the geometry of a particular element is when the 3D molecular model is present right in front of their eyes.

Similarly, in the Ball and Stick Molecular Model, students can visualize the structure of various simple and complex molecules within minutes.

This way, Edunovate Educational Models are not only the 3D representation of substances but also help students understand the topics easily.

1.These ball and stick models help to make geometrical shapes like linear, bent, trigonal planar, tetrahedral, trigonal bipyramidal and octahedral to study VSEPR theory.

2.Teachers can show various alkanes, alkenes, alkynes and benzene structures to teach hydrocarbons.

3.It is very useful in studying molecules, complex structures and polymers.

Trial And Error

Students try many things that can apply to the educational models and try to find a solution.

This way, students try new things with the help of Edunovate Educational Models from their end, and they learn new things if their work is correct.

And if there is an error, the student will try again until they succeed. 


Above were the roles of educational models in learning chemistry. These models are easily available, and Edunovate is one of the best suppliers of chemistry models.

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Edunovate New Product Launch- Periodic Table of Elements Acrylic Display Block with Digital Printing

Edunovate New Product Launch- Periodic Table of Elements Acrylic Display Block with Digital Printing


This product has a rectangular shape and a periodic table printed on it. Every element in organic and inorganic chemistry with atomic number and atomic weight is present in the periodic table.


With the help of this product, students can understand different elements in the periodic table very well, and it will also be a very good and interesting way of learning chemistry for the students.

Ball and stick moelcular models


This product is made up of acrylic, which means that these products have non-toxic inks to display the elements on a transparent beard. So people who are using this product are not at any harm.

Easy To Use

It’s size is just like a notebook. So, It is very easy to take on travel or keep in any bag easily, and it barely takes up any space in the luggage. So students can also gain knowledge about periodic tables on the go.

Chemistry models

Perfect Gift For Everyone

It will make a good gift for many students, teachers, professors or researchers pursuing their careers in chemistry as this product is a virtual representation of the periodic table. This product will give knowledge about the inorganic and organic elements of the periodic table. Students can also understand the lanthanides and the actinides section elements outside the periodic table.


This product can be kept anywhere on the table as a showpiece to watch and study with better understanding. Or this product can also be hung on the wall.

Periodic table one shot
Package includes:
  • 1 Clear Acrylic block with Colorful elements digitally printed on it in HD Quality
  • 1 Acrylic black color stand
  • 2 Screws to hang on a wall
  • 1 Clip
  • 1 Write n Wipe Pen

These clear acrylic periodic tables of the element blocks are for showcases, countertops, at home, or anywhere your imagination puts them and gives any product you set on top of it an elegant look.

They allow for greater visibility and can accommodate limited spaces. 

Edunovate acrylic periodic table of the elements block is simple and luxurious in design.


  • Best used for school labs, classes, or teachers’ rooms.
  • It can be used as a display, showpiece, or gift for loved ones.
  • Useful for science-loving students, teachers, and researchers.
  • You can easily place it on a stand or hang it on a wall (black acrylic stand and screws inside the pack).
  • Can Easily be carried in bags or hands just like a book
  • It can be used as a writing board (free clip inside the pack).
  • Write with sketch pens to mark important and wipe easily (free write and wipe pen inside the pack).

PRICES: ₹1599

Periodic table one shot

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