Edunovate was founded by Kapil Rana in 2016. With a purpose to provide the best education to all the learners who are keen to learn chemistry from the scratch to advanced level.
He has come up with a thought to provide an intellectual way of teaching to science enthusiasts like students, teachers and researchers using molecular models.

Let’s get a brief explanation about molecular modelling:

What Are Molecular Models and Its Benefits? 

Molecular modelling describes the molecular structure based on the theoretical and computational method to model and study the behaviour of chemical and biological molecules.

Molecular modelling provides 5 major types of information:

1. It helps to visualise 3D structure of molecules.
2. Represents the chemical and physical characteristics of the molecules.
3. Differentiating with the structure of other molecules.
4. Visualising the formation of complexes between different molecules or macromolecules.
5. Predicting the look of new related molecules.

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