Introduction To Molecular Models

Molecular models in chemistry are the three-dimensional representation of the elements whose structure can not be understood on paper. These 3D models help understand the molecule’s arrangement and the bonds these molecules are bonded. For example, many elements in the periodic table are difficult to represent on paper, but still, they have to be studied. So to learn these kinds of elements and their bonding, these chemical models are used. 

In these molecular models, the molecules are represented by small sphere balls, and the bonds are represented by small rods or sticks. Spheres are of different colors so that teachers can represent different types of molecules bonding together in a reaction. 

Importance Of Models In Learning Chemistry

Learning chemistry through these chemical models is so effective that even known teachers like Kapil Rana Sir and V.K Jaiswal Sir from Unacademy use these models while teaching their students. Some of the importance of these molecular models are as follows:

Better Understanding

The students can understand all the things better because, by these models, students can get an idea of what goes around when a chemical reaction occurs. Teachers can also teach in a better way with the help of these chemical models

Practical Trial

When studying molecular models, students can also make the products of a particular reaction by joining the reactants together with given bonds. This way, students can also understand the product’s structure that is given out after the reaction is completed. 

So this is an interesting way to get students to become more involved in chemistry. This way, students will not get bored while studying chemistry. 

Ball And Stick Molecular Model Kit

3D Molecular Models
3D Molecular Models

After learning this much about the molecular models, one would certainly think about how they can get their hands on these molecular organic-inorganic kits

These kits are available on Amazon. You can visit Amazon and get one kit for yourselves. These kits have many spheres and sticks that perhaps easily joined together to represent a particular molecule. These balls and sticks are present separately, which means they are detachable. These chemical models can represent many elements from the periodic table. 

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