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Organic, Inorganic and Solid State Advance Molecular Model Set

  • Best for Chemistry Students/Teachers/ Researchers
  • Highly Recommended to Competitive Students and their Mentors
  • Perfect Teaching and Studying Aid for Chemistry Teachers , Professors and Scientists
  • Contain Total 301 Pieces
  • Contains Transparent plastic box and Manual is Included

Multi Colored

Material Type: Plastic

30 x 20 x 4 cm

Item Weight: 762g

Price: ₹ 9000 ₹ 3499

Edunovate India develops Organic chemistry and Solid State Chemistry conists of geometrical shapes, alkane, alkene, alkyne, benzene and bidendate ligands and NaCl Sodium Chloride big model which helps students and teacher both to visualized three dimensional shape of molecule. It can be used by students for better understanding of Chemistry and must for teachers.

Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, sodium chloride, Solid state, molecular models