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Maths Geometrical Shapes Expandable Teaching Model

  • Expandable Geometrical Model Kit contain cube ( 8.4 cm ), cuboid (8.4cm),cylinder(8.4cm), cone(8.4), regular triangular prism, regular hexagonal prism , regular triangular pyramid, right square pyramid
  • Total 8 pieces per set in one kit
  • Teaching and Studying Aid for Mathematics Students , Teachers , Professors and Scientists
  • Teaches geometry, spatial relations, problem solving, and more . Also teaches measurement, area, volume and surface area
  • Primary Teaching Mathematics / 3D Geometric Tool

Multi Colored

Material Type: Plastic

23 x 16 x 7 cm

Item Weight: 299g

Price: ₹ 4000 ₹ 799

This is a maths/ geometrical model kit 8 pcs/set which consist of Colored Geometric Shape Model to show Geometric Surface Area Expansion. The 3D( Three Dimensional ) Geometrical includes a wide variety of resources to teach your students/ child/ yourself to sort, describe and name familiar three dimensional shapes. It will will learn to recognize and classify familiar three dimensional objects using obvious features. Geometric shapes set are a great tool to identify the different attributes of each shape.

Edunovate Math Model / Geometrical Expanded Model / Mathematics Model / Mathematics Kit / Maths Kit / Geometrical Models / Geometrical Set to demonstrate Geometric Surface Area of Cone, Cylinder, Cuboid , Cube, Hexagonal Prism , Triangular Prism , Triangular Pyramid and Right Square Pyramid.